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Fight AGE’s With TruAge Core

truage coreMorinda has actually released the world’s very first comprehensive AGE administration system led by Tahitian Noni Juice and TruAge Max. It’s called TruAge Core, product that will help you fight AGE’s. The entire regiment comes with four great products. While each product works in a different way they all work towards the same end goal and that is to help lower your AGE’s.

The best description I have ever heard of this product is comparing it to an all star team. Just imagine if you had the best of the best basketball players all on one team. That means every position would be filled by a great player. That also means your team would easily defeat all the competition. That’s what TruAge Core does for your skin and your body.

Its your very own all star team designed to defeat AGE’s. To reduce AGE levels there are five different sources of iridoids used. When combined they have the ability to reduce AGE levels by as much as 24%.

Sugar Stop, one of the four products included in the TruAge Core regiment, helps prevent your body from absorbing too much sugar. When it comes to AGE’s sugar is a key ingredient. By reducing the absorption of excess sugar you will also reduce your AGE levels.

The second product in TruAge Core is Rapid Fuel. Lean muscle is so important to your overall health. Rapid Fuel helps you develop more lean muscle. Lean muscle just may be the strongest weapon against AGE’s.

TruAge Max or Tahitian Noni Juice contain massive amounts of iridoids, which have been proven to prevent the formation of AGEs, and repair interior AGE damage.

AGE Therapy Gel can reduce and repair skin damage caused by AGE’s. When you combine these four products you have a winning team. Not only will you look younger but you will feel younger as well.

How To Use TruAge Core Regimen

TruAge Max

Using TruAge Max is very easy. All you have to do is drink 1 fluid ounce (30 mL) two times a day.

TruAge Sugar Stop

Don’t use sugar stop unless you are eating a healthy diet and are exercising at least 3 times a week. Take one scoop and ad it to 10 ounces of water. Mix well and drink. You should have Sugar Stop once a day with your largest meal.

TruAge Rapid Fuel

This is what you will take before, during or after you have worked out. Take one scoop and mix it with 8 ounces of water. Mix well and drink. Make sure you use the exact amount specified on the package. If you mix any other ration it will have a negative impact on the efficiency of the product.

TruAge A.G.E Therapy Gel

The gel can be applied very liberally. You can apply it to your hands, face and other areas of your body. Do this two times a day. Apply the most to the areas you have the most concern about. If you are currently using a skincare regimen this can be used along side it. It should enhance what you are already doing. The great thing about TruAge A.G.E. Therapy Gel is great for all skin types. It is also great for all ages.


TruAge Core products are available individually, but for best results use all four products every day. You can purchase all four products in two separate packs: TruAge Core Regimen, which is a 30-day supply and TruAge Core Experience which features a 15-day supply.

Join this winning team today so you can live, look and feel younger, longer.