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Morinda Review

morindaMorinda, formerly known as Tahitian Noni International, has literally taken the world by storm. Their ever so popular noni fruit juice has created a phenomenon both in the states and abroad. Morinda Bioactives was originally founded in 1996. That’s almost 20 years ago. And since the beginning they have been helping improve the health and lives of millions of people all over the world.

At the time I am writing this article Morinda has well over 2500 employees and has paid out over $2.5 billion in commissions and bonuses to its independent consultants. That’s a lot of money!

If you are looking for some of the best health products in the entire world, you will find them with Morinda Bioactives. From the TruAge Max beverage to the TruAge Scanner, Morinda is always out front when it comes to innovation. And don’t worry, all of their products are tested by a board of the best researchers, doctors and food scientists to ensure they are nothing but the best.

Here is an interesting stat you may not have been aware of. Every 1.8 seconds a bottle of Tahitian Noni juice is being purchased somewhere in the world. Add that to the fact the company bought in over $400 million in revenue in 2012 and you see this is a company on the rise.

Morinda Products

Morinda has quite a few different products for consumers to purchase. One of their latest products in the TruAge MAX. What makes this juice so powerful is its ability to both adapt and balance the various cycles that go on inside the body.

Morinda is the only company in the world that can produce a variety of different juices with a high amount of IRIDOIDS. The TruAge product line has a lot of really great products :


truAge products line

All of these products are made with nothing but the finest ingredients that come straight from the Earth. All of which help protect against the formation of AGEs. By using the TruAge Scanner, which is a certified research device, you will have an accurate reading of the AGE level in your skin in less than 15 seconds. And the best part is its painless.

Morinda Compensation Plan

Now lets talk about what every one wants to know. How you can make a fortune with Morinda. Morinda uses a unilevel compensation plan that allows you to make money 5 different ways. There are three classifications of income and you will pick the one that works best for you. They are immediate income, growth income and wealth building income.

make money with Morinda

Since the compensation plan is unilevel it means you have the opportunity to earn commissions eight compressed levels deep. You will get dynamic compression as well as maximum commissions on all volume. There is no restriction on the amount of commissions you can make. And thanks to the placement feature distributors are able to build synergistic units.

If you qualify for the global bonus pool you will be able to earn a piece of all the commissionable sales brought into the company over a certain period of time. That’s a lot of money making potential!

If you are serious about taking control of your financial future you need to check out Morinda today!