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Tahitian Noni Business Opportunity


In the time it took you to read the headline above, someone, somewhere bought a bottle of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice. It’s that much in demand. And it started just a few years ago when Tahitian Noni International introduced TAHITIAN NONI® Juice to the world.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose TNI

Tahitian Noni International is first in noni production, first in noni quality, and first in noni research. Here are 10 reasons why the company stands alone in the industry.

1. Growth

Unprecedented sales vaulted TNI to the top of the world’s fastest growing companies, and the pace continues today. Annual sales exceed half a billion dollars, with significant increases every month.

2. Brand

The Tahitian Noni® brand is trusted worldwide by people who experience and share the benefits of Tahitian Noni products, including doctors, world-renown athletes, and A-list celebrities. TNI products are one-of-a-kind, proven by science, and protected from duplication.

3. Systems

TNI’s income generating systems are matched only by the products they sell.

The Fearless Income Building™ System is unique in the industry and is designed with 3 simple goals in mind (1) get your investment back in 30 days, (2) be cash flow positive in your first 60 days , and (3) get your product free. TNI has designed several selling systems to help you accomplish these goals including the Pack and Case recruiting system, HIRO™ retailing, Tahitian Noni™ Rewards Member program, Tahitian Noni Gift Collection™, catalog system, and more.

4. Compensation Plan

No other company can match TNI’s unilevel compensation plan that pays 53% with no breakage. Dynamic Compression ensures that maximum commissions are paid on every level, and over $2 billion has been paid in IPC profits to date.

5. Support, Training, and Rewards

TNI’s unique Success Path™ provides training and rewards for every IPC, from the newest member to the most successful business builder. And the Tahitian Noni® lifestyle is filled with exotic travel rewards: Tahiti, Monaco, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Cancun, and more.

6. Research

TNI owns and operates the only noni-dedicated research laboratory in the world, a facility that is constantly discovering new ways to bring the benefits of the entire noni tree—the fruit, the leaf, and the seed—to the world.

7. Scientists & Patents

Over 200 affiliated scientists & researchers study TAHITIAN NONI® Juice every day. Thanks to their dedicated efforts, Tahitian Noni International now owns 187 patents (as of Sep 1 2007) with more in process or pending.

8. Human Clinical Trials.

Tahitian Noni International has conducted a growing number of human clinical trials. To date, the company has successfully completed 12 human clinical trials, with eight large clinical trials either in process or pending (as of Sep 1 2007). TNI also has unpublished data from more than 42 clinical trials using their finished products or applied noni components.

9. Facilities

TNI’s processing facility in Tahiti is the only owned and operated state-of-the art noni processing facility in the world. TNI also has bottling operations in the United States, Japan, Germany, and China. Tahitian noni puree is shipped to these worldwide bottling plants, strategically placed for maximum efficiency.

10. Tahiti Partnership

The soil of Tahiti offers an ideal, rich, fertile environment for noni growth unlike anywhere else on earth. TNI’s thousands of Tahitian harvesters have been instructed, tested, and certified by company trainers to ensure that only the finest noni fruit is put into TAHITIAN NONI® Juice. Unlike other companies, TNI works directly with the growers and harvesters to create a partnership in its truest sense.

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