POKT Network welcomes three new gateways, providing open data access via Chainwire to millions of end users


Georgetown, Cayman Islands, April 9, 2024, Chainwire

Developers DAO, Raid Guild, and Chainstack will bring their respective networks and distribution to POKT Network, providing more developers with read/write access to over 60 blockchains by building on POKT Network's decentralized infrastructure

POKT Network, the user-driven platform for building a Universal RPC (NYSE:) Base Layer, today announced the launch of three new gateways: Developer DAO, carrier (supported by Raid Guild), And Chain stack. The new gateways are an important part of POKT Network's growth strategy to scale API access to every open data source on the Internet.

Gateways serve as independent access points to the POKT network, improving data accessibility and network performance. Each gateway is built directly on POKT Network's universal RPC base layer infrastructure, eliminating the need to build and maintain the underlying infrastructure, allowing players such as Developer DAO, Porters and Chainstack to operate as an independent RPC company. The innovation of gateways lies in the ability for companies of all types – centralized or decentralized – to resell access to infrastructure by using a blockchain protocol as a central coordinating party. This system leverages a unique business model that offers the benefits of vertical integration via a decentralized network rather than a single centralized entity, meaning more companies reap the benefits. The protocol benefits from higher demand for the core service, while gateways benefit from significantly faster time to market, lower operational expenses and more time and resources to focus on the front end of their business. The launch of these gateways is a major step forward in POKT Network's mission to provide developers and enterprises with the most reliable, powerful and cost-effective data so they can focus on building the best applications with optimal user experiences.

“The launch of these three important new gateways represents an important step forward for POKT Network and the broader ecosystem,” said Dermot O'Riordan, Director of the POKT Network Foundation. “Just as L2s have radically improved scalability at the application layer, our gateways enable builders to easily connect to POKT's cost-effective, reliable and scalable DePIN infrastructure without compromising performance or UX. By embracing access and demand at an unprecedented scale, we are not only expanding the capabilities of our network, but also laying the foundation for a future in which access to every major open data source is unrestricted, secure and widely available.”

Since 2017, POKT Network has developed a leading decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN), achieving unparalleled resilience, scalability and cost efficiency. The network guarantees 100% uptime, less than 25 ms latency across over 60 blockchains, supported by approximately 15,000 nodes in 22 countries, at a cost of $0.85 per million API requests. Originally operating with a single gateway, POKT found that its second gateway, launched in October 2023, quickly accounted for around 30% of network volume, illustrating the impact of new gateways on POKT's capacity. This was the beginning of an accelerated strategy rollout. With the integration of a third gateway in March and the launch of three more today, POKT Network increases the number of its gateways to six, a rapid expansion from just one seven months ago, highlighting a significant scaling of the gateway strategy.

“POKT Network's gateway strategy provides developers and RPC providers an effortless way to leverage enterprise-grade RPC infrastructure with enterprise-grade service on a permissionless and decentralized RPC infrastructure network without having to build and maintain it themselves,” explained Daniel Olshansky , Head of Protocol at POKT Network. “The key breakthrough is the ability to decouple roles and responsibilities. Protocol participants ensure efficient infrastructure, gateways focus on performance, and users gain access to reliable, high-performance and cost-effective services.” The introduction of three new gateways enables builders to access and build on this powerful decentralized infrastructure, which is the backbone of the network developing machine-to-machine world (M2M).

  • Developer DAO: Founded by Nader Dabit of EigenLayer, developer DAO is the first gateway owned and operated by a DAO, putting RPC revenue back into the public good. The focus on community and extensive network of builders will continue to drive innovation and network growth. By strategically partnering with leading blockchain networks, Developer DAO underscores a model where technology advances the common good.
  • Carrier: Leveraging the technical talents of leading Web3 developer collective Raid Guild, which has supported nearly 200 Web3 development projects, Porters will deliver features and services at an unprecedented pace while adhering to open source principles. Porters envisions a new era of decentralized infrastructure – a platform built by developers for developers – ushering in a new wave of innovation and empowerment.
  • Chain stack: As one of the largest and most respected RPC companies and providers on Infura's DIN multichain RPC network, Chainstack is prepared to drive significant volume into the network from the start, leveraging POKT Network to hyperscale to new chains and their existing resilience to increase further. Chainstack expects initial relay volumes to be around 100 million relays per day, signaling its intention to scale operations quickly.

The first DePIN report from Blockworks Research emphasizes the importance of reliable RPCs: “As the number of blockchains and rollups continues to grow and their collective requirements become more demanding with higher throughput and shorter block times, the need for high-performance RPCs for all is increasing.” Blockchain is The report also highlights POKT's gateway model as a signal of how DePIN will scale, both in Web3 and broader use cases: “In the end state, most customers will receive their infrastructure via end-user gateways/ Frontends (which effectively behave like this). L2s to the underlying protocols),” adding, “As POKT Network proves the benefits of this approach, we expect other DePINs to adopt a similar playbook to rapidly accelerate growth and innovation.”

The future of decentralized data access with the Shannon upgrade

POKT Network's Shannon Upgrade, scheduled for release in Summer 2024, will simplify integration for RPC providers and projects by removing current restrictions and introducing permissionless gateway creation, making censorship resistance fully achievable. This update, currently on the private testnet, aims to reduce costs, facilitate data access across blockchains and AI, and promote collaboration over competition. It represents a critical advancement in decentralized data infrastructure, expanding the range of supported use cases and driving innovation.

About the POKT network

POKT Network is a leading decentralized blockchain infrastructure provider, enabling developers to build scalable, secure and efficient blockchain applications with industry-leading data access. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, POKT Network provides a robust, decentralized infrastructure layer that enables seamless interaction between decentralized applications (dApps) and multiple blockchain networks. With a commitment to fostering innovation and accessibility in the blockchain space, POKT Network provides developers with the tools and resources they need to realize the full potential of decentralized technologies.

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